For many people, buying property in Bali is something they’ve dreamed about since that first magical experience on the Island of the Gods. Our property listings are competitively priced and have all been inspected by our professional agents to make sure they all comply with the latest, rules, build permits, licensing, zoning and tax regulations. Have a look around and let us know if you need more information or want to view a property. We’re more than happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Property for Sale or Rent in Bali

Properties available for sale or rent in Bali include house, apartment, commercial building, commercial space, land, and villa.

Hiring a local agent can make the process of buying or renting a property in Bali easier and less stressful. Our experienced agents can help you find the perfect property, negotiate the price or rental terms, and handle the legal aspects of the transaction.

The cost of buying or renting a property in Bali varies depending on the type of property, location, and other factors. Contact Seven Stones Real Estate to learn more about the current prices and rental rates in Bali.

Property For Rent or Sale in Bali

  • House for Sale in Bali
  • House for Rent in Bali
  • Apartment for Sale in Bali
  • Apartment for Rent in Bali
  • Commercial Building for Sale in Bali
  • Commercial Building for Rent in Bali
  • Commercial Space for Sale in Bali
  • Commercial Building for Sale in Bali
  • Land for Sale in Bali
  • Land for Rent in Bali
  • Villa for Sale in Bali
  • Villa for Rent in Bali

Recommendations Location for Buy or Rent Property in Bali

Advantages of Buy or Rent a Property in Bali

  • Bali is popular destination for tourists and also for those looking to buy a property.
  • Property prices in Bali are relatively low, making it an affordable option for those looking to buy or rent a property.
  • Bali has a growing tourism industry, which means that there are opportunities for those looking to invest in properties for rent to tourists.
  • Bali is known for its rich culture, with a strong focus on arts, music, dance, and spirituality.
  • The island has a good infrastructure, with a well-developed road network and modern amenities, making it a convenient place to live or visit.
  • Bali has a stable political environment, which provides a sense of security for those looking to invest in property.
  • Bali is strategically located in Southeast Asia, making it an ideal base for exploring the region.
Property Near Public Transportation in Bali
Ngurah Rai Airport | Mengwi Terminal | Kuta Terminal | Benoa Harbor | Terminal Ubung Denpasar | Wangaya Terminal | Terminal Kreneng | Terminal Gianyar | Batubulan Terminal | Terminal Kediri | Preparation Terminal | Halte Gods Tabanan Soekarno | Tuakilang Terminal
Property Near Shopping Places in Bali
Love Anchor Canggu | Pasar Desa Canggu | Pepito Supermarket | Sunday Market Canggu | Treasure Market Canggu | Duta Plaza Denpasar | Level 21 Mall | Pasar Badung | Pasar Burung Sanglah | Pasar Kreneng | Plaza Renon| Pasar Rakyat Gianyar | Ubud Art Market | Pasar Umum Gianyar | Pasar Senggol Gianyar
Property Near Schools in Bali
Bali Kiddy School | Bali Local Surf School | Canggu Community School | Pineapple Surf Canggu | SDN 1 Canggu | SDN 2 Canggu | SDN 3 Canggu | SMPN 4 Kuta Utara | ISI Denpasar | Sekolah Tunas Daud | SMAN 1 Denpasar | SMAN 4 Denpasar | SMAS Taman Rama | SMPN 3 Denpasar | UNUD
Property Near Tourist Attractions in Bali
Pantai Batu Bolong | Pantai Canggu | Pantai Jimbaran | Pantai Kuta Bali | Pantai Munduk Catu | Pantai Nelayan | Villa Canggu | ZIN Canggu Bali | Bajra Sandhi Renon | Bali Shark Serangan | Pantai Matahari Terbit | Pantai Sanur | Pantai Sindhu | Upside Down World Bali | Bali Safari Marine Park

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