A Guide to Avoiding Bali Villa Rental Scams

Discover foolproof tips to protect your Bali vacation from scams. Learn how to avoid villa rental fraud and ensure a secure and memorable getaway.

Bali, with its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, is a popular destination for travelers seeking a peaceful getaway in a beautiful setting. Many visitors opt to rent villas for a more intimate and personalized experience. However, as with any popular tourist destination, Bali has seen its share of rental scams. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to avoid Bali villa rental scams to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay in the Island of the Gods.

How to Avoid Bali Villa Rental Scams

  1. Use Reputable Rental Agencies:

When searching for a villa, opt for well-known rental agencies with a strong online presence and a history of positive reviews. These agencies have a reputation to uphold, making them more trustworthy.

  1. Verify Property Ownership:

Always ask for proof of property ownership, such as a title deed or rental agreement. This will confirm that the person offering the villa is the legitimate owner or authorized agent.

  1. Beware of Unrealistic Prices:

If a villa’s rental price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers often lure victims with low prices to attract attention.

  1. Visit the Property:

Whenever possible, visit the villa in person or have someone you trust inspect it. This step can help confirm the property’s existence and condition.

  1. Use Secure Payment Methods:

Avoid making payments through unverified channels or sending money in advance. Use secure payment methods like bank transfers or established online platforms.

  1. Read Rental Agreements Carefully:

Thoroughly review rental agreements and terms and conditions. Be wary of hidden clauses or unusual requests.

  1. Check Reviews and References:

Research the property and the person offering it by reading reviews, asking for references, or checking online forums and social media groups for recommendations or warnings.

  1. Secure Communication:

Use official communication channels, such as the rental agency’s website or verified contact information. Be cautious if the communication is inconsistent or unprofessional.

  1. Ask for ID:

Request the ID or passport of the property owner or agent, and verify their identity. Scammers often use fake identities.

  1. Report Suspicious Activity:

If you encounter anything suspicious, report it to local authorities or the Indonesian Tourism Police.

Bali Villa for Rental in Seven Stones

For a secure and trustworthy villa rental experience in Bali, consider Seven Stones. They are a reputable real estate agency in Bali known for their high-quality and reliable property listings. Seven Stones offers a range of villa rentals, ensuring a safe and enjoyable stay in this tropical paradise.

Modern 4-bedroom Joglo villa in Umalas for yearly rental

This modern 4-bedroom Joglo villa sits on almost 1,000-square metres of land in the popular residential area of Umalas, about 10-minutes’ drive from Seminyak and Canggu.

There’s an open-plan living and dining area with an island kitchen, which overlooks a lovely swimming pool and well-maintained tropical gardens. 

Two bedrooms with a connecting door are perfect as a family residence and have an additional  separate office space. You’ll also find one bedroom in the main building, and the other in a separate pavilion. 

Each bedroom has a private ensuite bathroom, a working desk and wardrobe. 

The property is being offered for two options:

  1. Yearly rental and priced at Rp. 625,000,000/ USD 38,000 
  2. Leasehold title with remaining lease until 25/04/2047 and priced at USD 498,000.

If you’d like more information or want to see the villa, get in touch with us today.

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5-Bedroom villa for yearly rent, Canggu

This antique villa filled with jati wood furniture is located in the heart of the Pererenan shortcut. Surrounded by two small rivers and terraced rice fields with their colonial style, it’s is filled with amazing Indonesian artifacts. 800 meters to Pererenan Beach and 15 minutes drive to explore the most sophisticated Canggu areas, restaurants, and La Brisa beach club.

This 5-Bedroom Villa with 6 bathrooms (3 ensuites are outdoor and 2 indoor) full of antique items and a historical, hand-painted wall. In addition, there is an 18 meters length infinity salt-water pool, the villa has something to offer to everyone

Feel free to contact us for further information or to arrange a private inspection.

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5-Bedroom villa for rent in Ubud

Located 10 minutes outside of Ubud, this 5-bedroom rental villa is situated in Katik Lantang village. Quiet and surrounded by ricefields, yet still close to restaurants, shops, and other amenities.

Adopting a Balinese concept, this property was built with high-quality materials and workmanship. The villa has 5 ensuite bedrooms, 2 with twin beds, and the others have double beds. In addition, there is a small kitchenette and verandah. The property also features a yoga hall, staff quarters, and a garage.

Feel free to contact us for further information or to arrange a private inspection.

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4-Bedroom Villa for a Spacious Living in Canggu

Sitting on 900-square metres of land, this spacious villa has 4 bedrooms and separate housekeeping quarters. Three of the bedrooms have walk-in closets and ensuite bathrooms. The other bedroom is located in front of the pool and can easily be converted into an office space with its ensuite bathroom. 

Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, the villa is kid friendly and is perfect as a family home. You’ll find a wide garage, large enough for three cars and a large enclosed living room with connecting doors, so you can easily entertain guests indoor and outdoor. 

The property is equipped with 24/7 CCTV and full housekeeping services.

The villa is available for yearly rental at IDR 500-million per year starting mid September 2023.

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Gorgeous 2 Bedroom Villa in Umalas for Rent

Introducing your serene modern style gorgeous 2 – Bedrooms villa with en-suites bathrooms in Umalas, On a fun getaway and immerse yourself in living luxury. 

Stay in your dream villa, prime location, close living area. Trending district of Umalas and just minutes away to the beach. 

Boasting a generous land size of 205m2 and a thoughtfully designed building spanning approximately 170m2, this villa ensures a comfortable and spacious living experience. Every corner of the property is a testament to modern luxury, providing a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Get in touch with us today for more details and to view this beautiful property.

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In conclusion, while Bali is a beautiful destination for villa rentals, it’s essential to be cautious and thorough in your search to avoid rental scams. Utilize reputable rental agencies and follow the steps mentioned in this guide to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay in Bali. Consider exploring the reliable options provided by Seven Stones to guarantee a memorable and hassle-free villa rental experience on the Island of the Gods.

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