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You Go Girl! – Lessons We Can Learn From Miss Indonesia 2017

Posted by Andrzej Barski on 24th April 2017
Miss Indonesia 2017

Achintya Nilsen being crowned Miss Indonesia 2017

It was late on Saturday night. More like early Sunday morning to be honest, and a young woman’s life changed forever. If you’re tuned in and switched on, maybe yours can too.

How so?

Because Achintya Holte Nilsen won the coveted title of Miss Indonesia 2017. If you’re not a fan of beauty pageants and you hold the view they’re just platforms to exploit women, reinforcing the stereotypical image society wants us to believe is beauty, think again.

Achintya’s a beautiful young woman, no doubt about that, but she’s got something else. Something more powerful, more charismatic and, dare I say, more attractive than good looks. She’s got a mindset that is grounded in being the best she can be. The self-belief and the confidence she displayed in the Miss Indonesia 2017 pageant is a lesson we should all learn from and aspire to.

At just eighteen, Achintya showed folks of every age that if you have the right mindset there’s nothing you can’t achieve. This mindset instills confidence and with that comes inner strength and it was plain to see on Saturday night that she touched the hearts of many, including the judges, with honesty and integrity.

She’s a young woman on a mission that resonates with a lot of people. Maybe that’s why she’s so popular and why she won. The pageant’s tag line, “Beauty with a Purpose,” is something that seems to have been tailored made for Achintya’s attitude because she’s using the platform to spread awareness about climate change and social injustice and education and she’s encouraging us all to do something about it no matter how big or how small and regardless of the stage we have to sing from.

She’s stayed true to this with a positive mindset and we wish her every success on the truly incredible journey she’s about to begin. We have no doubt that if she continues to be the best she can be her message will resonate even further and her confidence will grow. And as it does, a lot of people who might not of otherwise of had a voice now have a champion to sing for them!


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