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What’s so special about Harcourts and Seven Stones?

Posted by Ananda Nilsen on 18th January 2018

By Terje Nilsen and Andrzej Barski

Some of you may have noticed Seven Stones real estate has officially joined Harcourts; one of the most recognized and reputable brands in Australia and New Zealand with 130 years of experience.

Why do that?

People ask this because they know who we are and they know before we created Seven Stones we’d been involved with real estate in Bali with other brands. At one time this translated into being the number one office in the country with one of the largest real estate companies in Indonesia.

But brands can be funny things.

The right ones offer great opportunities to be successful. The wrong ones don’t. In fact, they do the opposite and can stifle growth and even kill your original business philosophy and vision.

We set our philosophy early at Seven Stones as to WHY we are in in this business in the first place. From the get-go we’ve shouted from the rooftops “we want to change the face of real estate in Indonesia!”

We believe the way brokerage is done today can be improved. It doesn’t tap into the massive potential Indonesia has with its human resources, eager to learn, grow and enjoy lives with great value. For us, focusing on training, motivating, inspiring and getting people’s minds set correctly within a government managed standard is key.

This needs to be embraced by the entire industry and things will change quickly and change for the better.

We also believe in doing business with like-minded souls.

We’ve looked high and low. We’ve looked at brands worth looking at in the United States, Australia and elsewhere. We’ve looked at brands that embrace our belief systems, brands that embrace change and brands that train. But more than anything brands that believe in people and personal values and growth.

To support this vision Seven Stones is currently developing listing engines and sophisticated content marketing pages with an Australian group by the name of SCHWARTZWILLIAMS who have a presence over the entire Australasian and Middle Eastern region.

You can check out our Bali-based platform and links to the entire network at Gapura Bali.

This will be the next generation of how a listing engine serves clients, vendors, agents and agencies. It’s a perfect fit for Seven Stones!

Seven Stones also has a strategic partnership with HVS, the world’s leading Hospitality Intelligence Company. We’re big supporters of their THINC conference initiative, which is the largest tourism and resort conference in Indonesia. Another perfect fit for Seven Stones!

On a more local level, Seven Stones also works very closely with several well-known local brands such as Exotiq Property Seminyak, Exotiq Property Jimbaran and Xclusive Property. Our intention is to foster collaboration to better serve our client base. To be honest at times this creates the sense of us being one company with one vision. It’s radical, but again a perfect fit for Seven Stones!

So let’s get back to WHY Harcourts?

You may have guessed that we like the number 7, so here are 7 of our top reason why we have decided to embrace Harcourts:

  1. There are over 850 Harcourts offices in 10 countries around the world including New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Fiji, China, Hong Kong, Canada, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and the USA. Naturally being a part of this    group gives us greater exposure and opportunities to target a larger international audience.

  2. In Bali this is important because most clients will be domestic and/or international visitors.

  3. Led by CEO Pak Nandar Gunawan, Harcourts Indonesia also has a very strong presence in the local market. It’s a growing business and at the time of writing there are more than 33 Harcourts offices across the country with more to come. We want to be part of that expansion and growth.

  4. Harcourts has great systems on how to market yourself, how to get listings and in general how to develop your market share.

  5. One of their major pillars are well-structured training programmes, probably the best of their kind in this region. This is very much needed in Indonesia.

  6. As an added bonus Harcourts is also owned by the Panin Group, one of Indonesia’s most prominent Banking and Financial organizations with a massive interest into real estate projects and finance. This is one of Seven Stones’ primary interests and a huge motivation for us is to be able to tap into some of the greatest minds in Indonesian business and in particular real estate.

  7. But more than anything, the one thing, the WHY is this. Harcourts themselves say it’s not about the brand, our brand or any brand, its about YOU! If you and your partners are well, we are all well. All their training sessions, systems, and workshops are focused on YOU and the results are impressive!

And there you have yet another perfect fit for Seven Stones set on a mission to change the face of real estate in Indonesia.


Andy writes on a variety of topics related to property, real estate, the customer experience, mindset training and local/international trends for Seven Stones Indonesia. You can read some of his blogs here.

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