Natha Loka

Situated in the heart of Kemetug, Tabanan, Natha Loka offers a unique blend of traditional Balinese village life and luxurious comfort. Here, you can escape the everyday noise and immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes and expansive rice paddy views. At Natha Loka, tranquility and luxury go hand-in-hand.

However, the eco village project not merely about the natural breathtaking landscape, but also potential for passive income through its fractional ownership program. By combining ease, flexibility, and diversification, you can manage risk and potentially gain access to premium properties within the Natha Loka development. Investing here not only allows you to enjoy what the area has to offer, but also ensuring a secure return on your investment. Click this link to learn more about the benefits and see if Natha Loka is the perfect investment for you.


Sambandha, a Sanskrit word meaning "connection" or "interconnectedness," perfectly embodies the essence of our vision. We recognize a rising desire for a living experience that blends the contrasting energies of Bali. Sambandha is born from this concept: an apartment complex that unites the vibrant pulse of Canggu with the peaceful serenity of Pererenan.  

This unique location, coupled with the innovative concept of fractional ownership, positions Sambandha not only as an idyllic retreat but also as a prime investment opportunity for those seeking to capitalize on Bali's thriving property market. Experience the contrasting energies and enjoy investment's profitability at Sambandha. Click this link to explore the benefits of owning a sanctuary and see if this new project aligns with your investment goals.

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