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Now Is The Time To Move To Indonesia

Posted by Andrzej Barski on 24th April 2017

By Jennifer Bennet, April 2017

You’ve taken some time and decided to start a new life in Indonesia. This means you’ll be making the effort to learn all that comes with the move you want to make. Or at least you should.

Working with a real estate agent to find the right home can provide an easier way to find the perfect home to live in. With some time for planning, you can move forward into your new life after you’ve found the home of your dreams to move into.

Whether you’re a digital nomad who enjoys traveling to new places or a student or a retiree trying to find the perfect location to live, you’ll quickly find that Indonesia has much to offer expats looking for something new.

Things to Consider with A Move to Indonesia

Thinking of moving to Indonesia

While you’ll discover many outstanding things about Indonesia, it’s best to be aware of the good, as well as the possible bad, that comes with a move this far from home.


  • Indonesia has several organizations that have been specifically created for expats. These organizations offer advice as well as support for those who may feel a little bewildered about the country.
  • Healthcare is generally great throughout the country.
  • It’s easy to travel in Indonesia as you can access taxi services from virtually any area, large or small.
  • The climate is wonderful all year with plenty of sunshine and warmth.


  • Importing goods can be expensive. This is especially true for imported groceries, clothing or electronics.
  • While it’s easy to hail a taxi, traffic jams happen frequently. After a while though, you tend to get used to it and learn the quickest routes through the cities.
  • Indonesia is very conservative and it may take a little time to get used to the local culture.

What Can You Bring Along for the Move?

Once you’ve located the perfect home, you’ll possibly want to have some of your personal household goods shipped over to avoid having to replace everything. Many homes are partially or fully furnished which can save you a little on the expense of importing your items, but there may still be things you want to ship over.

Household Goods

For household property, you should hire an international mover to handle everything including packing, delivery to port and loading into the shipping crate for shipment. Be sure to include a detailed packing slip or your shipment may be detained while customs sorts through everything.

Bringing Pets

Bringing pets with you on the move may seem a difficult task, but when moving to Indonesia it really isn’t that tough at all. All pets are allowed in the country, though there are stipulations and guidelines that must be followed for specific pets. This includes a current rabies shot and general vaccinations and a statement from a veterinarian to show the animal is good health.

Shipping your car to Indonesia

Vehicle Shipping

Currently, only diplomats can import vehicles into Indonesia. The guidelines for shipping vehicles into Indonesia must be adhere to clear customs. To ship a vehicle over, the owner must hold diplomat status. The proper diplomat form must be shown at port to clear customs. New cars can levy a tax bill of 300% of the car value. You will want to speak to a professional vehicle shipper for a good quote and to find out what forms you need to import your vehicle.

When the time comes to make the move, make sure you’re prepared for everything that comes your way. It is also a good idea to check with the Embassy of Indonesia ahead of your move to be updated on current regulations for importing items, visa information and even to check the crime rates or things to do in specific areas of the country.



Jennifer Bennet owns A-1 Auto Transport, Inc., one of the largest U.S.-based worldwide auto shippers in the industry with offices and storage facilities located in major cities and metro areas throughout the U.S and overseas, as well as a staff of experienced shipping professionals to make sure you get the service you need at a price you’ll love.



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