Essential Steps: How to Buy Property in Canggu, Bali

Canggu, a lovely place in Bali, is catching the eye of property investors and people from abroad who want a slice of Bali's beauty. It has stunning beaches, a vibrant community, and a real estate market that's on the rise. If you're thinking about buying property in Canggu, this guide will show you the essential steps to make it happen.

Canggu, a lovely place in Bali, is catching the eye of property investors and people from abroad who want a slice of Bali’s beauty. It has stunning beaches, a vibrant community, and a real estate market that’s on the rise. If you’re thinking about buying property in Canggu, this guide will show you the essential steps to make it happen.

Is Buying Property in Canggu a Good Idea?

Buying property in Canggu can be a smart move. The island sees lots of tourists, which means you can make money by renting your property. Plus, property values in Canggu have been going up, offering potential for long-term profit.

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Canggu?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Canggu, but there are some rules to follow. In general, foreigners can’t own land in Indonesia. However, there are alternative ways for you to get property.

What You Should Know Before Buying in Canggu

Freehold Ownership

Foreigners usually can’t own land in Indonesia directly. However, you can buy a property in Canggu through a nominee arrangement or by setting up a foreign-owned company called a PT PMA.

Leasehold Ownership

Many foreigners opt for leasehold ownership. You can lease a property for 25 to 30 years (with an option to extend). But, lease agreements can be complex, so get legal advice.

Do I Need to Register a PT PMA to Buy Property in Canggu?

To own property in Canggu as a foreigner, you might need to create a PT PMA (foreign-owned company). This company allows you to buy property. Setting up a PT PMA comes with legal requirements and costs, so it’s wise to consult a legal expert.

How Much Does Property in Canggu Cost?

Property prices in Canggu can vary widely. In general, villas might start at a few hundred thousand dollars, while luxury properties can go for several million. To get the most accurate prices, research the current market and work with a local real estate agent.

Steps to Buy Property in Canggu

  1. Research: Learn about the market and the rules for foreign investors in Bali.
  2. Budget: Figure out how much you can spend, including property price, taxes, and other expenses.
  3. Legal Help: Hire a local notary or legal expert who knows property transactions.
  4. Find Property: Work with a reliable real estate agent to find properties that suit you.
  5. Check Things Out: Do your homework by inspecting the property and confirming ownership and land titles.
  6. Negotiate: Talk to the seller about the price and terms.
  7. Agreement: Create a purchase agreement that protects your interests.
  8. Pay Up: Sort out the payment, usually through an escrow account or trusted middleman.
  9. Ownership Transfer: Complete the property transfer and handle taxes and fees.
  10. Enjoy Your Property: Once it’s yours, you can use it or rent it out for income.

List of Property Listings in Canggu

A Private Luxurious 4 Bedroom Villa with a Magnificent View of Ubud

Nestled in Ubud, this opulent private villa embraces a harmonious connection between its occupants and the natural surroundings. Crafted to embody Bali’s tropical essence, the villa boasts an expansive tropical garden adorned with local fruit and flower trees, shrubs, ponds, and meandering streams. It comprises two distinct compounds housing a total of four bedrooms. The villa features two infinity swimming pools, a gym, a yoga bale, and two dining and kitchen areas.

Set upon an expansive 8690 sqm plot of land with a generous 741 sqm building size, the property seamlessly integrates with nature. All structures, windows, and verandas are thoughtfully oriented to face the east, inviting the warmth of the morning sun to embrace its inhabitants. From this vantage point, one can relish views of rice terraces, valleys, and the vibrant tropical jungle that graces the eastern side of this enchanting villa

Getting into the rooms, Villa has a lot to offer than mere comfort. Each room is thoughtfully designed to have the uniqueness of each region in Bali e.g. Kelungkung, Ubud, Tenganan, and Singaraja. The owners did not just give the names without also thinking of how to completely bring the atmosphere of each region into the rooms. They do bring all the beauty and comfort of each region into the rooms.

All furniture, decorations, and other small details show and vibrate the energy, beauty, and colors in each of those regions. It makes this Ubud villa one of those you need to consider when having your vacation in Ubud, Bali. Villa truly exudes an extraordinary charm of luxury and elegant living. 

This property is offered with a freehold title at IDR 38 billion.

For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us

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Industrial Loft Style Apartment in Uluwatu

Design your own style and design! This is the First apartment that offers more than 6 different interior design styles and finishes.

This apartment is built on 2000 square meters of land, with a total of 57 units, 4 floor building. All units come with a 10 Years Construction Guarantee plus 1 year for everything.

Each building has no connecting walls with the neighboring. The floor area varies from 60 to 80 m2, 1-3 bedrooms. The buildings are arranged around the perimeter of the site and look out onto a patio. On each floor it is possible to arrange from 1 to 2 apartments, depending on the wishes of the client and the size of the building. 

All included with:

  • Parking lots for cars and bikes
  • Tropical pool in the center of the complex
  • Outdoor gym
  • Co-working
  • Boutiques
  • Conference hall
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Store with usual European food
  • Relaxation area on the rooftop in each
  • Building

Offered for a leasehold title until 12-07-2053 with price starting at IDR 1,080,000,000 / USD 69,990

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Two Units Ocean and Mountain View Villa in Bingin Hill Uluwatu Bali

Welcome to your future home!

2 Units villa is available for sale, located in the most searched area in Uluwatu Bali, Bingin Hill.

This villa is offered for sale both or separately.

First villa is built on 500 sqm of land, 2 floors building and comes with 4 bedrooms with ensuite bathroom, 1 guest toilet, living room, fully equipped kitchen and Infinity pool.

Second Villa is built on 100 sqm of land, 2 floors and comes with 1 bedroom with ensuite bathroom, another room can be converted to another bedroom, 1 guest toilet, living room, fully equipped kitchen and Infinity pool.

Offered for a leasehold title until 12-09-2045 at the price:

Both: IDR 13,500,000,000 (Approx 800,000 EUR)

Villa 1: IDR 10,550,000,000 (Approx 625,000 EUR)

Villa 2: IDR 4,300,000,00 (Approx 255,000 EUR)

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Ocean Views Project in Uluwatu Bali

Discover the luxury of living in Bali’s famous paradise! We’re thrilled to offer you a golden chance to own a beautiful 2-bedroom villa with an ocean view in one of Bali’s most desired locations, Uluwatu Bali. Located in the heart of Uluwatu. 10-15 minutes to white beaches and beach clubs, 25 minutes to the airport, 2 minutes to the best restaurants in Uluwatu like Nourish, Trabelle and Bali Buda.

Breathtaking View over Uluwatu Whether you’re in your bedroom or on your rooftop, enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean, the iconic GWK statue, and those radiant red-shiny sunsets.

High Rental Potential, Rising Property Value, Finest Construction Quality.

Offered for a leasehold title for 25 years, price starting IDR 3,010,000,000 / 177.970 EUR.

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3-Bedroom Resort-Style Villa in the Damara Village Ubud

This 3-bedroom villa is part of the Damara Village resort-style cluster, boasting a serenity that allows residents to enjoy life in both comfort and luxury, while being close to Bali’s idyllic nature. 

Uniquely located in front of the park, this unit offers a chic and spacious design with a plunge pool and open plan living on the ground floor. While all three bedrooms are located on the upper level. 

The residents will be provided with a range of facilities, from gym, swimming pool, yoga park, to shops, restaurants and amphitheater. All curated for a convenient and leisurely lifestyle. 

It is ideally located just 10 minutes to Ubud Art Center and 25 minutes to Green School, making it a suitable home where families can grow. The residents will also have an option to rent out their units through the rental service management. 

This villa is being offered with a freehold title and will be ready in January 2024.

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In summary, buying property in Canggu, Bali, can be a great investment if you do your research and take the right steps. Make sure you understand the legal aspects, property types, and the current market situation in Canggu before you start your property-buying adventure in this beautiful place.

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