Design Your Villa in Balinese Style

Bali’s architecture seamlessly blends with nature. Open spaces and local materials like wood, stone, and grassy roofs are hallmarks of the style. Traditional elements like ‘alang-alang’ roofing, maze-like carvings, and open-air pavilions showcase a deep respect for the environment. It’s like living in an artwork made with down-to-earth materials like wood, hay, and even volcanic rock!  What architectural style below resonates most with you?

Traditional Balinese: Cultural essence with natural materials and open spaces

Going all-natural Bali style! This approach is about capturing the island’s vibe with down-to-earth materials like wood and using open spaces to let the outside in. Think comfy furniture made by local craftsmen, not fancy store-bought stuff.  

Earthy tones and natural textures like wood and stones create a warm and cozy feel, perfect for chilling out. Plus, you can add traditional touches like open-air pavilions (called “bale”) for lounging or meditating – seriously relaxing!  This style is ideal if you want to experience the real Bali, like living in a postcard. Want to see an example? Check out one of our listings that rock this traditional look! 

Modern Balinese: Blends traditional elements with contemporary features 

Where old meets new in the coolest way! This style mixes the classic elegance of Balinese architecture and gives it a modern makeover. Think clean lines, open spaces that feel super airy, and giant windows to soak up Bali sunshine. Natural materials like wood and stone are still there like the traditional style, but with a modern twist. 

Think polished concrete floors and sleek furniture that looks straight out of a magazine. Plus, imagine an infinity pool overlooking an epic view, and outdoor areas that blend seamlessly with the inside of your villa. This style is perfect for those who want a touch of luxury and sophistication, but still love the Balinese vibes. A fancy beach house with a Balinese twist! Want to picture yourself relaxing in a modern Balinese villa? Take a look at our listing here that capture this vibe.

Bohemian Balinese:  Vibrant and artistic energy with eclectic furniture   

This style is all about injecting some serious fun and personality into your villa. Mix and match of playful colors, textures, patterns and colors inspired by Balinese art. The crazier the better. Don’t be afraid to add some conversation starters such as antique mirrors with handcrafted sculptures. 

Boho style is perfect for unconventional free spirits who love a touch of whimsy and want their villa to reflect their unique personality. It’s like living in a giant work of art, made even cooler with all the amazing Balinese crafts. See this page on how Bohemian Balinese design translates into real-life villa.

Tropical Modern: indoor-outdoor living and lush surroundings 

Nature is your neighbor! This style prioritizes indoor-outdoor living, bringing the outside in and living like you’re in a real-life jungle paradise. The type of furniture is more like light and airy with natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and stones. 

Open spaces are key, with big terraces and gardens practically growing into your villa. Decorate with pops of bright colors like you squeezed a tropical flower and splash it everywhere. And of course, tons of plants, the more the merrier! This style is perfect for nature lovers who want to chill out surrounded by the beauty of Bali. It’s like having your own private nature retreat, minus the camping! Check out our amazing jungle villa in Ubud that showcase this look.

Luxury Minimalist: Bali Bliss with a Minimalist Twist 

This design is all about creating a super serene and chic space that feels luxurious without going overboard. Clean lines, calming neutral colors, and top-notch natural materials like teak wood and even volcanic rock. The key is to have a spacious feel with just a few key pieces of furniture, not a cluttered mess. 

But don’t worry, it won’t look boring! Invest in a couple of statement pieces with clean lines that also serve a purpose. This style is perfect for those who want to relax in a beautiful and calming environment, with a touch of Balinese elegance. Imagine a spa retreat meets luxury hotel, all rolled into your own private villa! This villa in Canggu and in Jimbaran are some samples of visual inspiration based on luxury minimalist design.   

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