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10 Reasons to Invest in Indonesia: #7

Reasons to invest in Indonesia social enterprise incubator

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

In a recent post published in Mekar, Thierry Sanders highlighted the top 10 reasons to invest in Indonesia.

Here’s a snapshot of his Reason #7 – A growing and maturing incubator, accelerator and social enterprise ecosystem

  • Business incubators and accelerators provide a range of support services to entrepreneurs in business creation and during the early stages of the business life cycle.

  • Today Indonesia has over 20 startup ‘breeders’ around the country.

  • Although a smaller portion call themselves a social enterprise incubator, almost all incubators produce social enterprises, even in the tech space, mainly because of the level of development that the country is in.

  • An id report identified 66-organisations and entrepreneurs in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem space.

  • There are of course more! Kembali, Hubud, Outpost and Green School’s iHub in Bali are not listed in the report.

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Source: Mekar/ Thierry Sanders

If you’re interested in investing in Indonesia and learning more about social enterprise ecosystems get in touch with Seven Stones Indonesia (

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