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10 Reasons to Invest in Indonesia: #6

Reasons to invest in Indonesia more impact per dollar

Image by kolibri5 from Pixabay

In a recent post published in Mekar, Thierry Sanders highlighted the top 10 reasons to invest in Indonesia.

Here’s a snapshot of his Reason #6 – More impact per dollar invested 

  • For impact investors seeking large social or environmental impacts, Indonesia can deliver at scale.

  • The largest social impact can be achieved by providing affordable services that cater to the basic needs of those at the bottom of the income pyramid.

  • 72-percent of the 267-million Indonesians earn less than the national average income of USD 3,600 per capita (approx. USD 10 per day).

  • Some 35-percent of the population gets by with less than USD 4 per day, and about 20-percent earn below USD 2 per day.

  • Your target consumers or employees should be in one of the segments, if you seek large social impact.

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Source: Mekar/ Thierry Sanders

If you’re interested in investing in Indonesia and having a positive impact on a large number of people get in touch with Seven Stones Indonesia (

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