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10 Reasons to Invest in Indonesia: #5

Reasons to invest in Indonesia Image by Mentatdgt on Pexels

Image by Mentatdgt on Pexels

In a recent post published in Mekar, Thierry Sanders highlighted the top 10 reasons to invest in Indonesia.

Here’s a snapshot of his Reason #5 – Growing and efficient digital economy ecosystem

  • Indonesia’s digital economy is expected to almost double in value from USD 40-billion this year to USD 130-billion by 2025 says the “e-Conomy Southeast Asia” study by Google, Bain and Temasek.

  • The sector including e-Commerce, ride hailing, payments, lending, and insurance has grown annually by 88-percent since 2015.

  • The ramifications are enormous across many industries: lower transaction costs, faster deliveries, growth in retail industry (eCommerce).

  • The digital boom has increased Internet penetration to 170-million users across Indonesia.

  • There are now 70-million smartphone users in Indonesia.

  • This has forced the government to increase Internet coverage and bandwidth infrastructure.

  • In short, the digital infrastructure to leverage your (impact) investments is being rolled out as we speak!

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Source: Mekar/ Thierry Sanders

If you’re interested in investing in Indonesia and its digital e-Conomy get in touch with Seven Stones Indonesia (

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